Get Professional Kidney Care in Walvis Bay

Figo Health identifies chronic kidney disease (CKD) early and provide personalised care to manage it proactively.

What WE Do

Our Services

We look to be with our patients in every phase of their kidney care journey.
From early detection, to dialysis, to kidney transplants. All empowered with a software-enabled clinical team.

Early CKD Detection

Using predictive surveys, our algorithms identify high-risk patients.
Our clinical teams work to proactively slow CKD progression and prevent End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

High-Touch Dialysis

If ESRD develops, we safely onboard patients onto our in-centre or at-home dialysis.
Our software-enabled team continuously monitor patients remotely to prevent further hospitalisations

Transplant Support

Continuous monitoring allows our clinical team to identify superior transplant candidates. Working with specialists, we guide the patient through their transplant program and ensure ongoing compliance

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What they are sayinG

Our Beloved Patients

In the complex world of healthcare, patients are often the outsiders to their treatment.
At Figo Health, we make the patients integral to our treatment decisions. Here's what they say

Figo Health is the first dialysis team that's deeply investigated my various conditions. They are by-far the best service I've received.

Johannes, 41
haemodialysis patient, 3 years

Figo Health is not like others dialysis providers. You have people that care about you here; they will help you.

Samuel, 42
haemodialysis patient, 5 years

I was onboarded onto dialysis with Figo Health with a mature fistula. Since I started dialysis, I have more energy. I am feeling great again!

Francois, 57
haemodialysis patient, 1 month